Note: Both Monitoring and Commissioning API follow OAuth 2.0 authentication. Each API request should include an OAuth 2.0 access token as Authorization header using the Bearer scheme, and the request should also include the API key of your application in header with name 'key'.


'Status' in API to 'Status' in Enlighten Mapping

'Status' in API 'Status' in Enlighten
deactivated System Deactivated
normal System Normal
comm Envoy Not Reporting
micro Microinverters Not Reporting
power System Production Issue
meter Meter Not Reporting
meter_issue Meter Issue
battery AC Batteries Not Reporting
storage_idle Storage Inactive
encharge Encharge Not Reporting
encharge_issue Encharge Issue
enpower Enpower Not Reporting
enpower_issue Enpower Issue
retired Retired
not_monitored Not Monitored
unused Unused
disabled Not Enabled
debug Informational
info Informational
monitored Monitored
muted Alerts Disabled
warning Warning
Error Error
no_data No Data
rma RMA
unknown Updating Data
nsr Q Relay Not Reporting
any Any Problem
data_upload Data upload in progress
on_grid On Grid
off_grid Off Grid
grid_unknown Grid Status Unknown