Enphase API v4 is here

With Enphase API v4, you now have access to the IQ Battery-level and IQ Microinverter device level data

As an Enphase API v2 customer, you can now benefit from a new Enphase API v4 effective February 23, 2022. Enphase API v4 will give you the best value for running your O&M programs. With powerful Enphase API v4, you will be able to optimize your fleet for an even better return on investment.

You can now monitor and operate your entire fleet from the fleet level to the site-level and device-level (microinverter). In addition to the site level production and consumption monitoring data, API v4 provides access to battery level and microinverter level data.

Enjoy the benefits of Enphase API v4

  • Access to the IQ Battery level data
  • Access to the IQ Microinverter level data
  • Upgraded security with OAuth 2.0 based Authorization
  • Seamless onboarding and improved documentation
  • Give you the best value for running your O&M programs

  • You can learn more about the Enphase API v4 at: https://developer-v4.enphase.com/ To continue to add new features to our product and serve our customers at the highest standards, we are updating our price plans. To view our price plans, please visit the following link.

    We have also updated our API license agreement that can be found at - https://enphase.com/api-license-agreement-v4. Note that Enphase API v4 is for internal business purposes, and specifically not in connection with any public or consumer-facing application, tool, or service and not in connection with any product or service that is competitive with any product or service that Enphase now or in the future offers.

    Please note that the changes to the Pricing and License agreements are applicable only for API v4. You can continue to use Enphase API v2 until August 15, 2022 June 30, 2024, under the existing pricing and license agreement. Effective August 16, 2022 May 1, 2024, API v2 will be phased out and not available to any customers

    Questions? Please email us at api@enphaseenergy.com